30+ Amazing 3D Effects Photoshop Tutorials

Fake 3D Artwork Photoshop Effect3D effects makes things come alive. We see it everywhere – designs, photos, text, logos, commercials, games, movies etc. Some of these 3D effects can be done in Photoshop quite easily. In this article, we’ve collected some of the best 3d effects photoshop tutorials so you can pick and learn from the best examples.

3D Objects

Create Slow Motion Bullet Shot Icon Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Slow Motion Bullet Shot

Realistic Baseball Cap Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Design A Realistic 3D Baseball Cap

Blueprint Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Creating A Blueprint

Wii Mote Controller Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Wii Mote Controller

MP3 Player Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

3D MP3 Player

Macbook Notebook Icon Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Creating A Macbook From Scratch

LCD HDTV Photoshop 3D Objects Effect


iMac Photoshop Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Create A Slick Black iMac

USB Portable Speaker Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

USB Portable Speaker

Credit Card Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Creating A Credit Card

Poker Chip Photoshop 3D Objects Effect

Poker Chip

3D Effects In Movies & Games

Indiana Jones Photoshop 3D Movies Text Effect

Create Indiana Jones Movie Poster

Spiderman 3 Photoshop 3D Movie Text Effect

Spiderman 3 Logo

Little Big Planet Sackboy Game Character Photoshop Effect

Little Big Planet 3D Game Character

star wars clone wars 3d text effect

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Starcraft 2 3D Text Effect

Starcraft 2 (Game)

Infamous 2 Photoshop 3D Games Text Effect

Infamous 2 (Game)

3D Text Effects

Shiny 3D Text Photoshop Effect

Shiny 3D Text

Fresh 3D Text Photoshop Effect

Colorful Fresh 3D Text

Kaboom Exploding 3D Text Photoshop Effect

Kaboom Exploding Text

Epic Metal 3D Text Photoshop Effect

Epic 80s Metal Text

Dazzling 3D Text Photoshop Effect

Dazzling 3D Text

Extruded Glossy 3D Text Photoshop Effect

Extruded Glossy Text

Layers 3D Text Photoshop Effect

3D Text Using Photoshop Layer Styles

Flowery 3D Text Photoshop Effect

Flowery 3D Text

Fantastic 3D Color Text Photoshop Effect

3D Text + Fantastic Color

3D Effects In Photography & Artwork

Sportscar 3D Photo Photoshop Effect

Create 3D Effect With Photoshop

Fake 3D Artwork Photoshop Effect

Fake 3D in Photoshop

Superman 3D Photo Photoshop Effect

How To Make Stick Out Photos

Photo 3D Text Manipulation Photoshop Effect

3D Text Photo Manipulation

Oasis 3D Text Scence Photoshop Effect

Render 3D Text Scence Using Photoshop